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Artpanel of STELPLAATS

                                What about us?     


BROEIPLAATS consists out of 6 young artists who are creating a residency program for other young, emerging artists. At the end of the residency program we work together to create a free exhibition for our residents.

BROEIPLAATS wants to offer young artists a physical space to experiment and a mental space to give them freedom to brood on their ideas.

BROEIPLAATS puts broad talent in the spotlight and unites like-minded people.

BROEIPLAATS wants to exhibit. Her presentation is different, constantly moving, untidy, unharmonious and lively. Just like the space outside the museum walls, or like your living room.

BROEIPLAATS creates waves.


Who are we? fLTR (pictured above): Mieke Winters, Ines Thora, Nienke Fransen, Neil Brookes, Sarah Depré, Ann-Sophie Tollet

Mieke Winters

Ines Thora is a painter who approaches her paintings  as a struggle to both accept and fight the void: it starts with the void (the empty canvas), and it always tries to return to the void (through the absorption of the oil paint in the linen). In between, only the pure act of painting and a significant silence remain.

Nienke Fransen is a sculptor and audiovisual artist combining the traditional with catchy contemporary techniques. Through working (mostly) with wood and video she tries to figure out human relations. She wonders if people behave a certain way because of themselves or because they are influenced by others, and which way these influences go, and where they start, and where they end.

Neil Brookes is an autodidact sound architect who aims to combine different genres to create a unique blend between acoustic and electronic elements. Nowadays Brookes is more focussed on combining acoustic, classical compositions with electronic hardware influences. His neoclassical layering approach to ambient compositions shapes an undefined image of contemporary sound

Sarah Depré

Ann-Sophie Tollet is a multidisciplinary artist. She integrates elements of her surroundings and implements these findings in new graphic concepts. Tollet prefers using different silk screening techniques, she prints on textile as well as on unconventional material such as plexiglass. Printing history plays a great role in her process. Nowadays she’s experimenting with different layers and various scanning techniques.

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