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Work with us! We often have projects that beg for someone to fill them in; positions, places, showing opportunities,....


Would you like to spend a week publishing in our name and showcase what you're doing with in these weird times?

"De kunst van te leven is thuis te zijn alsof men op reis is,"

"The art of living is being at home as if you're traveling,"

- Merci Godfried Bomans for these wise words.

We are whole-heartidly living according to this advice. But we feel the urge to bring art to you and your cosy homes.  That's why we've decided to continue our regular residencies in another format: we are looking for ONLINE RESIDENTS. Does this speak to you? Please write to us in this form and describe what you would do with your online presence on this website and why you're a perfect fit. 

Stay tuned and stay safe.

We don't know when we'll see you in person again, but when this all blows over, we'll be in need of your hands, hearts and brains (not in a creepy way). 

We are constantly looking for those that can help us in the many tasks that complete an exhibition. 

Are you good with any of those tasks? With electrical cables and mixing tables, with hammers and saws, painting walls, búílding walls, overseeing walls (and the art that's on them), bartending during shows, organizing events, or a bit of any of the above?

Do you have an eye for curating and presenting artwork, or any specific technical skill you would like to share with the artists of Leuven, and those coming to Leuven?


We are flexible and are not expecting you to live in Stelplaats 24/7  - instead, we are looking to build a team of people who would love to fill in for small specific tasks and exhibitions when it fits for them. 


Are you tech-savvy, a fan of Stelplaats' atmosphere, and interested in preparing, building, and maintaining exhibitions and live events? 


This application relates to the studio space we have available in STELPLAATS. The residency usually lasts between 1 - 2 months and ends with a free exhibition.

Would you like to take part in our residency program at STELPLAATS Leuven? Right now we are looking for residents to take part in a residency lasting over August and September. Interested? Apply here.

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