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Brain Flatulence

Okayyy here comes my first post. Most of you are probably expecting a cool contemporary artist showing off some dope next level ideas & thinking. Well, don't expect that from me. I just mainly do childish stuff I find funny in the form of memes, drawings & animations.

Because my brain is total chaos, I don't really have one consistent format to pour my ideas into. Right now I have 4 different instagram accounts (lol) I post different content on. But let's not raise the illusion that I'm a hardworking artist. These days of unemployment where I could be shaping ideas all day, I'm mainly being lazy, scrolling my phone and feeling anxious about my laziness heheh.

Most of my creative power goes into writing down random brainfarts I have during the day into a google doc. I have it readily available on my phone so every time something pops in, I write it directly into the doc. This is something I can highly recommend to anyone who wants to create stuff. Your memory is shittier than you think.

Here's a screenshot of one of the many pages (with the least offensive stuff on it) of my google doc to give you an idea. (If I see one or more ideas pop up in an advertising campaign, I'm going to cough my COVID-19 on the creative director's door knob)

I'll show you below what that looks like in a final form. Today I'm just going to focus on the drawings I do on my Sassy Sketches 4 Basic Betches page. It's mainly stuff where I try to be sassy & brutal.

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