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EUREKA! I made something fresh

Hey again, I decided to use this platform as my personal blog now. I'm just going to throw some day to day thoughts at you fellow creatives and maybe you can share some thoughts with me as well. Let's start day 2 with some feelings.

I remember it well, the first week of this lockdown. I weirdly felt relieved, suddenly there was no exterior pressure anymore. I felt this big rush of energy and creativity and I thought "this is a blessing, I'm finally going to be able to make so much cool shit!" All my anxiety disappeared for a bit. Then I realized that I still wasn't really that productive in this expectations vacuum. I replaced all exterior pressure with internal pressure and got anxious again heheh. I guess creativity doesn't really work like that, especially when you don't really know what it is that you are going to create. Feel free to share your routine with me because it's probably better than mine.

Every once in a while I manage to fart out something that kills my anxiety for a day or two and it's that time again.

Yesterday I finally threw my Jawnathan T-shirt online. I had been wanting to do a redesign of this old drawing I did a while back when I was still living in Berlin and doing more rave-related content. When I made this drawing I was clearly in a 'idea is better than execution' phase, yikes!

Recently I was playing Cuphead, an awesome retro hand drawn, frame by frame animation style game (wew that was a long description) and I was also missing raving with the bruurs so an idea popped in my head. I decided to redraw Jawnathan in this awesome 1930s Fleischer Studios style.

Then I digitalized it in illustrator

Eventually I finalized the design to screen print on a T-shirt.

Sadly my weekly screen printing class is cancelled due to the rona so I couldn't do it myself. In the end I decided to do it through Everpress. In the end a made lil' promo vid for this ultimate rave garment you can't wear at a rave because pandemic lol.

Anyways if you're dreaming of wearing this T at your next rave (which is probably in 2069 or sth.) you can find it through this link.

Find more of my verbal diarrhea on this platform tomorrow.



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