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I want ALL the styles!

I should probably put my graphic design in the spotlight too during this week. Outside of the entertaining stuff I also like the goodlooking stuff. I don't have a particular style I like to stick to, one day it's pixel art, the next it's collage style, another time it's in Memphis style and so on and so on. My mind gets bored easily, that's just me. Below are a few examples of projects I did over the years.

My craziest experimentations with styles pretty much started when I organized my first party, Mint in Antwerp. We were 3 friends doing club nights and as the only graphic designer, that party was my sandbox. From there I grew the confidence and skill to design on a more professional level because I never really studied graphic design to be honest.

From then on I did quite a lot of event art works for events of friends mainly. Friends maybe don't pay well but they give you the most freedom to do whatever you want. The jobs I got paid the most for to do are weirdy the ones I don't put in my portfolio.

Another cool project to mention is my first portfolio. I had just graduated from university, I had grown really tired of the shit I had studied and I hit my first existential crisis. After sitting at home for six months and doing a short "internship" at the start-up of some friends with an advertising background (check them out), I realized that maybe being an art director in advertising could be my thing. All I had to show were super boring technical product development school projects & party flyers though. So I came up with the deceptive plan of wrap the massive turd that was my portfolio in a giant shiny ribbon. This was the end result that launched me my first (and second last lol) advertising job.

I made this more than 4 years ago but I still use this branding today but I still haven't come up with anything better.

Lately I've also gotten more into animated design, also mostly because different social media have become super video-focused.

This one in trashy 2000s style with my lowered voice heheh.

To finish, here's a recent logo design I did with handmade letters from scratch and below that some work in progress, some stuff I'm working on.

I've been experimenting with digital illustration lately.

I could fill this post with images and videos but I think this is a good selection for now. You can check more of my design work on my instagram and on my website.

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