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making a mini zine

Today I made an 8-page mini zine and thought it would be fun to share how you can make one yourself, because it's pretty easy. You only need a piece of A4 paper, some pencils/markers/whatever you like using and scissors. If you'd like, you can even cut out images from magazines to make a collage.

I wanted to make my own instructions for this but that didn't really work out how I wanted it to. So I figured since there are already many good ones on the web I'm just going to post one here. (© Umami Design Studio)

Tip: When you're done folding it into a booklet, write the numbers of the pages in pencil and fold it back open. This makes it easier to draw and if you want to make your zine into a story there's no chance you get the pages mixed up.

Once it's back open, play some nice tunes and have fun filling in the pages!

These also make a cool gift for your friends or family. Especially during these lonely times it can be fun to surprise someone by sending a cute zine by post.

(Scroll down to see my finished zine unfolded)



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