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Low effort, high yield content

GOOD NEWS! Today I'm not going to whine about personal issues 🎉. Instead I'm going to let you take a peek into one of my biggest passions: making memes. Why put a lot of effort in the delivery when you can deliver the message way easier, in a shitty low effort Photoshop job for example?

The thing that makes memes so appealing to me is that you make them in no time. From the moment you have the idea to the finished meme, it only takes max an hour. With other media, my novelty seeking brain falls out of love with the idea pretty quickly. Especially with the animations which take between 2 & 3 days to make, I struggle to reach the finish line. With memes, I usually have the idea, immediately mock it up in photoshop and throw it online shortly afterward. It's a low effort, high yield medium.

Due to the 'rona I have been more active on the meme making front than ever before. I decided to even collect my corona-related memes in a facebook group. Below you can find some of my creations from the past 1.5 months.

What we all hoped the first 3 weeks of this lockdown.

Antwerpen plebs will know

I don't really have a separate page where I post all my memery but I do post a meme occasionally on my personal IG.

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