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Social distancing cards

Oyyyy, it's my last day of posting shit on this blog. I hope you enjoyed my rambling for the past week. For my last day I made you some cards to help you with your social distancing. Now that the measures have been loosened a bit, the people you don't like might try to force themselves into your life again too. That's why I made it easy for you. Send those people one of these cards so that they leave you alone x.

Sorry Maggie , you shouldn't have said it that much

Here's also one to upload to your tinder so creeps you swiped left don't bother you on social media.

Okay that was it. If you liked what you saw you can follow all my 4 instagram pages: Horseflan, Sassy Sketches 4 Basic Betches, my graphic design page, and my personal ig

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